9-9-09 (An Oral History of Drum Machines)

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This is a documentary celebrating the 25 year anniversary of the Roland TR909. In this documentary, narrated by Robbie Ryan, we traverse the history of the programmable drum machine from the CR78, TR808, TB303, TR909, and LinnDrum, with audio examples of each.


Shadow Dancer drops nasty acid tracks on Golden Traxe LP for Boys Noize, Free MP3 preview available

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There seems to be a lot of breaky acid-electro tweakiness around at the moment and I’m a bit tired of it. Now I love me some 303.. it’s just that this genre (like many) has been flooded with too many offerings – the quality has dipped in favor of quantity. In the midst of this phenononen “Golden Traxe” stands out and above most of the acid-based / fast-edit dance music out there. Paul and Alan Farrier, known to the world as Shadow Dancer, bring complexity to the 303s, analog synths and fast edits for a debut on on Boys Noize Records. There is a depth to the editing (complex) and melodies (not easy with this music) that make the whole a much greater piece than it’s individual parts. Songs are enjoyable and the album builds as an album should – with dips and valleys and peaks and bangers. I am digging this quite a bit. Highlights on the album include: “Golden Traxe,” “Infinite Lies,” and the arena-pumping “This is This” (which brings to mind old-school CJ Bolland rave tracks.) Preview MP3 available from Boys Noize HERE

From the Boys Noize website: After 3 smashing EPs on Boysnoize Records, remixes for Chromeo, The Faint and The Teenagers and live gigs with Soulwax, Trevor Jackson, A-Trak, Ivan Smagghe and the Ed Banger Crew, Shadow Dancer finally present their long awaited debut album. “Golden Traxe” is a culmination of the UK duo´s electronica, cut-up techno, acid house and space disco sounds. Already loved and greatly supported by a range of classy producers such as erol Alkan, Mr. Oizo, Modeselektor and Soulwax, this album takes the UK duo to the next level.

Shadow Dancer began in the summer of 2006 almost by accident.
Brothers Paul and Alan Farrier had been writing music since childhood drawn by their love of artists such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, Human League and Pet Shop Boys to follow synthesizers rather than guitars. Although the pop and video game music of the ’80s was their initial inspiration, it was the sounds coming out of Detroit (Underground Resistance, Axis, Planet E), Chicago (Trax, Relief) and the European techno scene (Warp, Ideal, Tresor, Basic Channel, R&S, Harthouse) that started an obsession with electronic dance music.

And, having previously created tracks using tape overdubs and a limited sampler, they started to build up a small studio of second-hand synths. Originally from Liverpool, the brothers were pulled towards Manchester in the ’90s by it’s musical legacy where they still live and produce.
Since their live debut as Shadow Dancer supporting Soulwax Nite Versions Tour, The Whip in Manchester on New Year’s Eve 2006, the brothers have played (both live and DJ sets) alongside Boys Noize, Trevor Jackson, A-Trak, Radioclit, Ivan Smagghe, D.I.M., Sinden, Surkin, Para One, Housemeister, Crookers, The Glimmers, Teenage Bad Girl, Filthy Dukes, Riton, Mixhell and many others.

1. Poke
2. Soap
3. Infinite Lies
4. Walker
5. Goldan Traxe
6. Landlines
7. Drivetime
8. What Is Natural
9. Loader
10. Be Happy
11. Lower Left
12. The Bad Thing
13. This Is This

** 3.23.09 – just found this Shadow Dancer remix of Boys Noize “Shine Shine” for free HERE

Cool Band Alert! Syntheme – Lasers n Shit delivers kickass 303s and rad album art to boot

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The latest release from Mike Paradanis’s Planet Mu label is on fire. Louise Wood of Brighton drops some afx-influenced sick-hard dancefloor jams on the (wonderfully titled) “Lasers N’ Shit” LP. This is right up my alley.. sci fi vocoders, 303s, nasty basslines and female vocals. Sold yet? Check this shit out (lo bitrate sample). Then go get the better bitrate and a nice shiny CD – BUY IT, FOO! More info at Discogs.

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