The Author

I spend a lot of time in outer space, mining sounds from Saturn’s rings and the dark side of the moon. I believe in perpetual motion, synchronicity and balance – and strive for creation that embraces these elements.

I am a creator of audio / visual art and I write about movements in technology and sound at Sounds Defy Gravity and also at Dubspot. I believe in open-source ideas and the forward-evolution of music by way of sharing ideas to push technology to new heights.

This site is a collection of things that interest me and also (hopefully) a contribution to electronic music at large. I believe that all of us who participate in this community are obligated to give something back.. whether that is a song, a magazine, a record shop, an event or a blog- creation moves creation.

You can email me at

§ 5 Responses to The Author

  • Hi Michael,

    I’m Danuel Tate’s PR here in North America and wanted to thank you for doing a post. Would love to keep in touch – what’s your email address?


  • Paul Gamble says:

    MIKE NOUVEAU! Whatsup man this is Paul BG’s friend. We were just chillin’ over here and BG told me to check out your blog – really good stuff hope your doin well man take it easy.

    • Michael Walsh says:

      Whatup fellas! I’m cleaning up the studio down here in the southbay.. hope you guys are well! Got any new tracks I can hear?

  • Dear Sirs,

    I am wondering if your company is interested to sell music with visuals , we made a sample/demo to catch your interest.

    The link to Vimeo :

    Music and visuals composed and produced by Co Oudhoff from the Netherlands.

    We are a group of vjs and would be interested to produce visuals for your company.

    Please give us feedback if there is interest.

    Co Oudhoff &
    Marcel Muizelaar

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