DJ Vealchop (Los Angeles) Drops Some Tech/House Sickness on Directive Mix Vol. I

March 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Recorded LIVE on 3-14-12 in the Dungeon Kitchen. Nothing but the raw mixing styles. Keeping it flavor. Two Technic 1200s, Pioneer DJM-800, 100% Vinyl Record Mix.

Karsten “Vealchop” Lesso is a staple of the Los Angeles nightlife collective, one of the dedicated DJs who can be found many nights of the week rocking house music to a Downtown crowd in clubs, bars, afterhours, and regegade jams on a regular basis. If you’re not careful you could take this dedication of craft and refined selection for granted. But don’t. Vealchop brings evolution to the game with a selection that rises above genres and continues to shake asses for heads on the real real.

Dj Vealchop –  Directive Mix Vol. I Tracklist

01. DHS – Attention Earth People – TinoCorp
02. Jens Bond – Pictures In The Dark – Highgrade
03. Hot Chip – No Fit State (Audion Remix) – EMI
04. Samim feat. Lil Dirty Ghetto Bastard – House Nation – Tuning Spork
05. Mitaka & The Little – Lifeguard – E:Minor
06. Lump – Save Me (Jay Haze Remix) – Futuredub
07. PhonoKemi – Smile – Highgrade
08. Resmann & Meinhardt – Chapeau – Upon You
09. Moodymann – JAN – KDJ
10. Heartthrob – Future’s Past – Minus
11. Interceptor – Together (S-Man’s Miami Mix) – Murk
12. Harry Axt – 2 Voices – Rompecabeza
13. Serafin – 36 Barner Oberland – Bruchstuecke
14. Phage & Dreier – Unseen – Highgrade
15. Lutzenkirchen – Monster In My House – Platform B
16. Guido Schneider – Earth Browser (Jambi’s Deconstructing Guido Mix) – Tuning Spork
17. Black Action Committee – Heaven – DNH
18. Masaya – El Choquero (Agnes Dub Mix) – Perspektiv
19. Eats Everything – Whatever Whatever – Dirty Bird
20. Virtual Boy – Long Distance Call – E:Minor
21. Kenny Hawkes – Ashley’s War Part 2 (Kenny’s Spacewalk Mix) – Paper
22. Voice Stealer – Evaluation – Subvert

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