Levon Vincent to Release Fabric 63 Mix (5/22)

March 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

“In the 80s, I had some VCRs, a record player and a dual cassette deck. I had a group of friends at that time and we were really interested in DJing and making beats, we would combine various songs and recordings to make new songs and then combine those to make new mixes; stuff like, recording a spoken word track playing over Mr. Fingers or add movie dialogue to another record. We loved the dirty version of I’ll House You, ‘I’ll Hump You’. I remember us all agreeing on that record. Soul II Soul had a big impact, too. I regularly slip-up and refer to podcasts as “mix tapes”, maybe because it’s nostalgic or something. It still sounds right to me. Mix tapes are one of the very coolest things to come from Generation-X. After hearing or maybe reading about how Nitzer Ebb were doing their music I remember asking my mom to bring me to the Sam Ash store on 48th to get a sampler, not knowing the price of the things! Upwards of $10k! A few years later I did eventually get a used Ensoniq EPS-1, which was a more affordable semi-pro sampler. I think it was a popular piece of equipment, it was certainly a step up from my Casio SK-1… Many producers probably remember using the EPS-1 fondly.” – Levon Vincent

Artist Levon Vincent

Title fabric 63
Label fabric Records, UK.
Release Date May 22, 2012
Cat. No fabric125

01. Joey Anderson – Earth Calls
02. DJ Jus-Ed – Blaze (Do Dah Dab Mix)
03. JM De Frias – Intrinsic Motivation
04. Levon Vincent – Stereo Systems
05. Levon Vincent – Polar Bear
06. DJ QU – Times Like This
07. Levon Vincent – Fear
08. Levon Vincent – Double-Jointed Sex Freak II
09. Joey Anderson – Hydrine
10. Anthony Parasole – Tyson
11. Levon Vincent – The End
12. Black Jazz Consortium – Blacklight
13. Levon Vincent – Early Reflections
14. Levon Vincent – Rainstorm II
15. Black Jazz Consortium – Far Away (Atmospheric Pass)


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