Oktave joins forces with Little White Earbuds | Silent Servant + DVS1 Podcast

November 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

The NY-based sound/event collective Oktave, a collaboration of DJs Jeff Derringer and Kevin Gregor, has been gaining much exposure this past year with events in the city directed at a dark underground sound with some of the best world talent at the helms of their sound-control. As the evolution of sound moves faster it’s impressive to see Oktave catch such acts as Claro Intellecto, Lucy, and Cio D’Or for intimate performances this past year.

Most recently Oktave has seen a collaboration with Little White Earbuds who together are launching Oktave in Chicago on November 5 with a lineup of Silent Servant, DVS1, Karl Meier and Jeff Derringer for the party. From the facebook page:  “We are pleased to announce a partnership between Oktave and littlewhiteearbuds for our Chicago debut on November 5th at Smart Bar. In the coming weeks we will be giving away tickets to the show, and LWE will be hosting a special podcast co-produced by Silent Servant and DVS1.”

That podcast has launched today – LWE63 – Silent Servant + DVS1 along with an interview with the producers.

Silent Servant: No theme, I mixed it live in one take and just tried to do what I do when I DJ live. Both Zak (DVS1) and I still play mainly vinyl, so the mix is very accurate to what you get from us live, in my opinion.

From LWE: Contrary to popular belief, America’s Midwestern dance music scene is much more than Detroit and Chicago. Two of its most vital contemporary talents, Silent Servant and DVS1, reside in Minneapolis, a city with a modest but quite vibrant techno community not beholden to any specific traditions or influences. Juan Mendez got his start under the guise of Jasper with steely, abstract techno sounds for his labels Cytrax and Delay. He reemerged again in 2006 as Silent Servant, a member of the shadowy Sandwell District collective which hosted many of the forceful, dub-damaged tracks that rebuilt his devoted following. Mendez is friends/neighbors with Zak Khutoretsky, an old techno hand who recently found acclaim under the moniker DVS1. Having impressed Ben Klock with his live set while the Berghain resident was playing Minneapolis, Khutoretsky’s debut release soon landed on the Klockworks imprint. His oily, classically-influenced techno tracks have since garnered the attention of Transmat Records and hordes of followers on both sides of the Atlantic. In anticipation of their performances on November 5th at Oktave’s debut Chicago party at Smart Bar, Silent Servant and DVS1 have teamed up to create a truly unique and pulse-quickening techno mix for LWE’s 63rd exclusive podcast. We also solicited a few words from the guys about their respective projects.


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