Liine introduces Plastikman’s Kapture – Free Total Recall Max for Live device

October 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Kapture by Plastikman and Liine

If you caught the Plastikman show this year you probably had one of those “omg how is this happening” moments. We have known about Griid, the Ableton clip launcher, and we’ve seen the youtube videos but still wondered: How is he doing this? Well, this is how: Kapture.

Liine, in association with Minus, are proud to release Kapture for free, a “total recall” Max for Live device developed alongside Richie Hawtin exclusively for his Plastikman Live tour:

“The sounds and sonic signatures in Richie Hawtin’s Plastikman Live show are heavily reliant on complex configurations of sends, returns and feedback loops as well as combinations of instrument and effect parameters. Our challenge was to build a system to manage this huge number of parameters in a live scenario. Kapture is the solution to that challenge. Similar to a preset management system for the whole of Ableton Live, it allows you to Kapture the state of your set.

We’re now very glad to be able to release it to the public and to see how other people use it in performances and in the studio. Kapture is not a polished mainstream product but something developed for a very specific show. However, we think that it’s something that many people will find very useful if they are willing to get their hands a little dirty and tweak it to fit their setup.”

You can read more about this project at Dubspot, where I have a bit more info on the release.


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