Shackleton has finalized mastering on a new LIVE mix to be released as Fabric 55

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Sons and daughters of the dark bassbin gospel – rejoice. Fans of Shackleton clamor for anything he releases and for good reason: his music sounds like nothing else and he rarely releases it. On top of this Shackelton and Appleblim closed down the legendary Skull Disco imprint that was home to these dark dub visions of the dancehall.. marking the end of an era. Since then we have seen slow output of some remixes, dj mixes and some EPs on Perlon.. But wait! Fabric has just announced this week that Shackleton will be creating the Fabric 55 mix – an all live recording from this master of sub-sonic mind control. Watch this page for more info (and tracklist we hope) in the near future. In the meantime enjoy the below interview he did for Fabric.

BORN: I was born in an archetypal Northern English milltown.  It’s seen better days.  My dad still lives there but a lot of people seem to want to move away.  That said, I had a very happy early childhood.

FAMILY: I moved to a more pleasant neighbouring town with my mother and stepfather in my early teens and stayed until 19.  It wasn’t the happiest period of my life, although it was during this time that I discovered psychedelics and music, so that was a saving grace.

MUSIC ROOTS: Mine and my friend’s lives had a diverse soundtrack, but I remember that Stooges, Can, Throbbing Gristle, Kraftwerk and Faust were all favourites.  To be honest, I haven’t really moved on from that stuff. I started playing guitar in a punk band at 14.  We were not very good and got booed off stage and things thrown at us.  Plus ca change, really!

FIRST PROJECTS: I got into making music on a computer by default.  My previous partner in music went to the other side of the world and converted to Islam, and I didn’t want to be a one-man karaoke outfit so I bought a computer.  This turned out to be a good thing for me as it made it easier to make the music that I wanted to make.

LABELS & PRODUCTION: Me and my friends, including Appleblim, started going to a night called FWD at this time, probably late in 2003.  We really liked some of the stuff that Youngsta and Hatcha used to play, though we just called it all garage.  I liked the heavy percussive tracks best.  What the MC Crazy D would call “Oingy Boingy”.  That’s the context in which Skull Disco was set up.  It lasted a few years and released ten 12″s.

FABRIC: I never thought that Fabric would be interested in my music to be honest and so it was a pleasant surprise when they asked me to play in room 1 back before most other London venues would touch me, or indeed had probably heard of me.  It was an even more pleasant surprise for me that some people enjoyed it.  I’ve since been asked back quite regularly and every time it seems to go better.  I think this is because of the sound system.  It is amongst the best I have played on.  Moreover the guys running the sound are very good.

THE MIX: I had such a good time the last time I played at Fabric.  Judy asked me if she could put the set online.  I suggested that if she liked it she could put it out as a Fabric cd.  I didn’t expect a reply to be honest but she was into it with the proviso that I make a studio version.  With the mix I’ve made, I have tried to make a set that would best represent the set I played on the night, but minus the mistakes.  Some of the tracks are re-jigged versions of older material, some of them are new.  Some of them will never see a release in any form aside from this.  Some of them are not even tracks just coincidental parts merging with each other between tracks.  Those are the best bits actually.  I don’t expect everyone to like it.  I know it is not to everyone’s taste.  That’s why I appreciate Judy sticking her neck out for this and I hope some people like it.

THE FUTURE: I try not to think about my future too much.  For me this is just something that I do rather than a career that I have mapped out, so I don’t really plan it.  I would love to be able to make music as a living for the rest of my life but just as it is a pleasant surprise that some people are interested in the music, it would equally be no surprise for me if people stopped listening someday.  I will just carry on making the music that I want to make and can only hope for the rest.


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