Our favorite mix of the week: Ken Meier live at Leisure (319 Scholes NYC)

September 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ken Meier, audio/visual artist out of NY, dropped a nice mix last friday night at Leisure (319 Scholes) and did us a solid by recording and uploading to Soundcloud. Trainspotter’s tracklist below (some nice choices) and the mix flows nicely from heady deep thumpers to glitchy floorshakers easily. Leisure sounds like a nice event with dj’s Jon Schmidt , Ken Meier, Camille Altay, Selim Cenkel, Igal Nassima, and Mark Triant delivering sounds last week.


JOHN ROBERTS Lines (Dial, 2010)
BROTHERS VIBE Step Into It (Mixx, 2008)
MARTYN Miniluv (Ostgut Ton, 2010)
GOLDFISH UND DER DULZ Persiko (Playhouse, 2001)
MOVE D Got Thing (Philpot, 2007)
FUMIYA TANAKA VVV (Sundance, 2008)
DUB TAYLOR Mutilated (Raum Musik, 2001)
KENNY LARKIN Glob (Ben Klock Remix 1) (Planet E, 2010)
CIO D’OR & DONATO DOZZY Limone (Time to Express, 2009)
THE ORB Asylum (Blood Sugar’s Mix) (Island, 1997)
STEVE BUG Honeymoon (Russ Gabriel Remix) (Raw Elements, 1996)
CAJMERE & DERRICK CARTER Wet Dream (Cajual, 1992)
WAXMASTER MAURICE Freak (Dance Mania, 1995)
DANIEL BELL Superminimal (Logistic, 1995/2003)
M PITTMAN Chicago Nights (Unirhythm, 2007)
ROBERT HOOD Clash (M Plant, 2010)
PERC 1909 (Derek Plaslaiko Remix) (Perc Trax, 2010)
ORPHX Threshold (Substance Remix) (Sonic Groove, 2009)
ANDY STOTT Fine Metallic Dollar (Modern Love, 2008)
SHED That Beats Everything! (Ostgut Ton, 2008)
DJ SKULL Frequency Response (Red Cat, 1994)
MIKE DUNN So Let It Be House (Edit) (Westbrook, 1988)
O/V/R Descending the Left Corner (Blueprint, 2010)
CLARO INTELECTO Thieves (Modern Love, 2006)
OLIVER HACKE Lichtung (Background, 2002)
WLADIMIR M Evil (Re-Mixed) (Eevo Lute, 1993)

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