Ableton Live Glitch Tutorial

May 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ableton Live guru Tom Cosm explains his approach to creating “a glitching effect that compliments whatever you want to glitch. I have named this effect Clitch”.

This is the latest in a series of very nicely done videos by Cosm – see his site for more info and his YouTube channel for earlier videos.

In this tutorial video I explain a unique way of glitch up your audio, be it synths, drums or vocals.

The technique works like this

* Add an audio effect rack after what you want to glitch, and give it 128 chains
* Give each chain a unique effect (beat repeat, filter etc)
* Midi asign a range of 128 keys (C-2:G8) to the Chain Selection Ruler
* Create a new “trigger” midi track
* Send the MIDI of that trigger track out to the IAC driver
* Either duplicate the MIDI clip for your synthline, or extract a groove from a sample and drag it from the groove pool onto the new trigger clip
* Add MIDI effects to the trigger track so that the new notes in the MIDI clip do new and intersting things.


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