WIGFLEX! New mix from Nottingham based producer, label head and designer: Spam Chop

April 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Fat Club has provided a dizzy of a mix from Nottingham based producer, Wigflex label head and designer Spam Chop. Words to follow from The Fat Club.

We have been following the rise and rise of Spam Chop and his Notts associates for a little while now and are very happy to bring you this masterful blend. We caught up with the man himself to get the lowdown on the grog, ginger and what’s next…

For those people who don’t know, give us the heads up on Wigflex. What is it? and what is your role?

Wigflex is my clubnight, record label, clothing line and basically my output for anything creative that I do. Its also a collective of like minded Artist’s and DJs. It’s ran by myself but includes Hizatron, Taylor and Metaphi. We have also been lucky enough to have artist’s such as Geiom, Shortstuff and Eleven Tigers release music on the label.

There are some unique sounds coming out of Nottingham. Is there something in the water?!

The water’s fine, its the grog thats creating the filth!

We recently watched an amazing video of Eleven Tigers who featured on Wigflex002. Who else should we be keeping an eye on?

Taylor, Metaphi and Hizatron are all making incredible music, there’s also a young lad from Notts called spare who’s got a lot of potential, I can see him coming through with a few bangers soon.

You’re also a designer, and responsible for the visual identity of two of our favourite labels. Do music and art go hand in hand for you?

I love doing both, so yes I suppose they do. Im very lucky that Im able to do what I enjoy on a full time basis. The imagery I create for Wigflex is really important to me as I see it as a kind of reflection of the sound were bringing. I’m working on the new clothing range at the minute, so you will able to see an example of this very soon.

What’s your favourite colour?


What’s next for Wigflex? and Spamchop?

As I mentioned before I have the new clothing range nearly ready, we will be having a launch party for that at stealth on June 4th featuring Joy Orbison, Shackleton, Floating Points, Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Deadboy, Alexander Nut, Martin Kemp, Lone, Taylor and myself. I’m buzzing about the line up for this as I think all 8 guests are good enough to headline really. We are also launching a monthly Wigflex in Manchester come July at Sound Control. Motor City Drum Ensemble, Actress and Darkstar headline the first party, really excited about this as well. Release wise, there will be a Hizatron EP and a Metaphi Vs. Metske EP dropping at some point. Taylor also has an album in the pipeline which will be our first CD release. As for myself, I have a tune that me and Geiom have made called ‘Bluckup’ featuring on a 12″ from a new label called Auralize coming out soon. I also have a few gigs coming up, check MySpace for details on those.

Sog, Abweichung
Arpanet, Wireless Internet
Moby, Pale Horse’s (apparat dub)
Taylor, CMB
Troy Pierce, Oxytocin
Andreas Henneberg, orange sleevevinyl
Extrawelt, Disttheme
Deep Teknologi, Cash
Hizatron, Klondike
Metaphi, Viking
Christian S, Jagos
Actress, maze
Steve Moore, Bayern Kurve
Paul Kalkbrenner, Atzepeng
Dapayk Solo, Green
Blowfelt, Liccle Rolla
Exercise One, Several things at once
DVS1, Departure
Spam Chop, Razor Piss
Ben Klock, Before One
STL, Jungle Sometimes
Four Tet, Sing

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