On repeat in the office: Autechre Oversteps

April 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

In the wee hours as we crank out design and music and reach for inspiration I always reach for the newest bits of sound to keep me going. This week Autechre’s new Oversteps LP is providing the juice for creation. Check the below video for a taste of the album and also an interesting read from MNML SSGS.

[from mnmlssgs] Listening to their new album, ‘oversteps’, once again i am filled with such deep respect and admiration for these guys. this is one of the rare times i wish electronic music was mainstream, because more should know how brilliant autechre is. they could have stopped 10 years ago and they still would have made an immense contribution to techno. instead, they kept going. and going. always challenging, always pushing forward, always inspiring. simply put, autechre is electronic music at its absolute peak.

thinking about autechre’s unparalleled and completely unique approach and oeuvre, i found these words by sean booth in a new interview really interesting and revealing:

“There was kind of a cynicism that grew up during the 90’s. You had the club circuit people bringing up the new generation of young stars during the late 80’s. Production was limited to singing over awful backing tracks and churning out stuff on a production line. Then the KLF book came out, which was very cynically pointing this out. Then you had a generation of wiser producers who wanted to take this on board on a musical level. Cos no one likes mediocrity and being sold a shit idea, everyone wanted come out with fresh stuff. Which was nice for a bit. But nowadays, kids have grown up with X-Factor and all that shit. So it’s like gone full circle again, the club scene people running the show again. Kids thinking that they can sing and dance and make every single fucking genre of music, do you know what I mean? Its like taking away the personal element.

And kids are growing up now are thinking ‘Im being really expressive, I’m really in control of my life, I’ve got all these goals and agendas’. Whereas having that mindset is exactly the problem. The self image is being programmed externally. But, fuck it, whatever. (laughs).”

i dont really have to much more to say about ae. you could talk for ages about how amazing autechre is, then again, the music and their career speaks for itself. if you haven’t heard the new album, ‘oversteps’, go out and buy it. now. this is clearly one of the stand out releases of 2010. i dont listen to albums as often as i should (i go for mixes, if you hadn’t guessed…), but i’ve had this one on repeat since getting hold of it. the melodies, the patterns, the depth, it is all there, brilliant as ever.


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