Incyde offers up a tasty selection for Dubwar Podcast Eleven

February 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

Got this link from my friend Vicki on the TNL list.. once again TNL brings the hotness with tidbits I love to learn about. Text below cribbed from Vicki’s email.. check our her blog HERE and read below for more info on Incyde (Alex).

Vicki: “Posting or reading posts about mixes done by people on this list is one of my favorite things about TNL. I’m proud to post this one, especially since Alex is never going to brag about the fact that he runs Hot Flush with Scuba, works as a publicist for Surefire and is a resident at Dub War. This list is filled with artists and music lovers that are fiercely passionate about music, and can appreciate those who make it their source of income, personal growth and a means to communicate with the world around. So, without further ado, enjoy!”

01. Dopplereffekt – Calabi Yau Manifold [Rephlex]
02. Al Tourettes – The Next Meal [forthcoming If Symptoms Persist]
03. Asusu – No Kya [dub]
04. XI – Slippin [forthcoming Immerse]
05. Pangaea – Neurons [Hessle Audio]
06. F – Forever [forthcoming 7EVEN]
07. Scuba – Three Sided Shape [forthcoming Hotflush]
08. Ben Verse – Inhale [forthcoming Wheel&Deal]
09. F – Spacewalker [forthcoming 7EVEN]
10. FaltyDL – Body Down Mark [dub]
11. Sepalcure – Down [dub]
12. XI – Superwhatever (Incyde VIP) [dub]
13. Incyde – Station [dub]
14. Djunya – On The Verge [dub]
15. Al Tourettes – When I Rest, I Rust [forthcoming If Symptoms Persist]
16. Badawi – Lost Highway (Headhunter Remix) [forthcoming The Index]
17. Distance – Beyond [forthcoming Chestplate]
18. Ben Verse – Flip The Coin [forthcoming Wheel&Deal]
19. Seven & Elvee – Breakdown [forthcoming Wheel&Deal]
20. Compound One – Perhaps The Darkness [Compound One]
21. F – Funk Injection [forthcoming 7EVEN]
22. EPROM – Never [forthcoming Surefire Sound]
23. Scuba – You Got Me [forthcoming Hotflush]
24. Peverelist – Clunk Click Every Trip [Punch Drunk]
25. Dopplereffekt – Compactification [Rephlex]


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