Dutch Dubstep champion Martyn djing live on Mary Anne Hobbs' radio show July 9, 2008

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Martyn has been breaking boundaries, genres, rules and sonic boundaries to brilliant effect lately. His remix of shed and countless original productions have the dubstep set geeking along with followers of house, techno, glitch, grime and sonic exploration. I love this guy’s sounds and was very pleased to come across this live dj set from Mary Anne Hobbs radio show. Recorded July 9, 2008 and still completely relevant. Sick subs.. watch your speakers.


can – future days (carl craig blade runner mix) (white label)
martyn – vancouver (3024)
martyn – hear me (3024)
2562 – old town (unreleased)
pangaea – router (unreleased)
martyn – twenty four (3024)
flying lotus – roberta flack (martyn’s heart beat mix) (warp)
martyn – vancouver (2562 off dub) (3024)
martyn – natural selection (acapella) (3024)
martyn – natural selection (flying lotus conference clense mix) (3024)

Nice article by Colin McKean at The List, excerpt below:

While Dutch producer Martyn Deykers does not strictly consider himself a dubstep artist, his innovative combination of the throbbing, soulful chord progressions of early Detroit techno and the percussive intricacy of 90s drum & bass have resulted in some of the most progressive additions to dubstep’s growing discography over the past few years. ‘It was strange that the first release on Revolver was labelled “dubstep”. When I made that I’d never really heard any dubstep except for the Burial album and some Kode 9. I wasn’t really aware that there was a scene. I kind of enjoy being on the periphery of things.’


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