Boston's Matty Diamond (The Bald and the Beautiful) lays it down slow and dirty for Soul Clap's Podcast 50

May 13, 2009 § Leave a comment


Boston-based personality, dj and producer Matt Diamond (aka The Bald and the Beautiful with Tanner Ross) has been creating some highly sought-after and soulful mixes over the past couple of years. After a few legendary performances at the Phoenix Landing and other Boston spots Matt Diamond has gained a reputation for laying down slow, soulful, bumpy and smooth mixes of music you’ve never heard before.. or at least never thought about putting into a dj set. I love Matt’s dj mixes and was psyched to find this podcast he did for Soul Clap.

From the Soul Clap Blog: For those who remember Matty Dimond’s last podcast for us, you’ll recall this master of programing laces his mix with a selection of deep, classy and impeccably qualified joints to turn any gloomy day into a burst of ecstatic color. His latest contribution to Adventures of Soul Clap takes our ears on a slo-mo journey through tracks from the likes of Trus’me, IMPS (Minilogue’s side project), Mark E, Theo Parrish and a Yam Who remix of Grace Jones latest “Williams Blood” that we consider an instant classic. Now sit back, strap on your stereo and take your pick; Champagne or Mimosa?

1. Amp Fiddler/Sly & Robbie – Blackhouse (Paint The White House Black) – Trus’me Remix
2. Mock & Toof – K-Choppers – Mark E Remix
3. IMPS – Get A Grip – Strategy Remix
4. The Mole – There’s Hope
5. Cage & Aviary – Television Train
6. Grace Jones – Williams Blood – Cosmic Jam
7. 40 Thieves – Theme From Nutrider
8. Rollmottle – Take A Break – Maurice Fulton Remix
9. Theo Parrish – Chemistry

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