Crème Organization’s TLR with a nice mix and interview for Infinite State Machine

May 4, 2009 § Leave a comment


Crème Organization’s DJ TLR delivered a really nice mix and interview with Infinite State Machine. The Dutch label-head, radio show host and italo/electro music producer is widely known for his taste in slow, churning electro/italo-disco with a taste of acid and great programming. Check out TLR’s Cobra Nero mix HERE.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview. Thanks to Infinite State Machine for the great interview. Check out their blog and crew for in-depth commentary. Read more HERE.

what the hell cosmic actually is.

What can you tell us about the Cobra Nero mix?

Its a mix I did a little while ago with some new/old stuff that came into Cobra Nero, a little record shop I run in The Hague. Mostly 2nd hand stuff and domestic West Coast related releases, but also some import things I get through Clone and various other channels.

I have a little line open with NYC through Speculator who irregularly sends me stuff he digs up there in odd corners and I place ads sometimes to buy out people’s basements. This mix is pretty representative of what floats around there: oddball disco, Chicago house, electro, Italo, obscuriosa, etc. Not so much a dance floor mix, but just some stuff I’ve been digging. I’ve been meaning to do a whole series with the new shop additions every month or so, but of course I’m too lazy…err busy.

What’s the history behind the Creme label? What was your inspiration?

Creme started out somewhere in 2000 in the Bunker Basement when I was hanging out with Guy Tavares (the head of Bunker) and Danny Wolfers, better known as Legowelt. Danny and I made some tracks as Mr. Clavio and I wanted to release them myself. I wanted to create something lasting, and a record seemed fitting.

Around the same time I got a couple of really good demos from Bangkok Impact & It & My Computer, so the first four releases came in rapid succession. Apparently the timing was right, because they did very well. So things went more or less from a joke to a serious operation within a year.

The Creme artwork is very distinctive–not like what we are used to seeing on many electro releases. What’s the story behind it?

Well, for one, everything is made by the amazing Godspill. We ran into each other pretty early on and things clicked. He is just a great artist and since we share some of the same neuroses and anxieties its easy for us to bounce ideas around and stuff.

But even before I met Godspill I never wanted the label to look like a “Dance” label, because I never liked all their pretentiousness, especially in the late 90’s–the glory days of badly rendered eggs on chess boards and unimaginative “future” stuff with amazing 468 technology and blahdiblah. Also, I didn’t want to be as dark, minimal and menacing as the OG The Hague labels, Bunker and Viewlexx, a style they had already perfected. I think the artwork reflected the music, which was often a bit more lighthearted, but with a desperate edge. Euphoric Nihilism, if you will.


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