VOODEUX promo mix! MotherShip's Tanner Ross and KiloWatts tear it up for '09

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Dope new promo mix from Boston’s Tanner Ross and KiloWatts under the guise Voodeux. The duo have just completed an album for MotherShip and have put this mix, entitled “The Paranormal” as a promotional piece to support the album and dj performances. Check out Voodeaux’s take on The Paranormal HERE.

Voodeux – Just A Spoonful
Rodriguez Jr – Pina Colada ( Voodeux Brew Mix ) [ Mothership ]
Constar – Sunset Tribe ( Voodeux Dusk Mix ) [ Airdrop ]
Voodeux – Deadend Motel
Voodeux – The SpellRead More
Voodeux – The Curse
Voodeux – Skeleton Key
Voodeux – Bones

Also -an Interview with Tanner Ross and James Watts from the MotherShip website:
Tanner Ross and James Watts make up the creepy techno duo called, “Voodeux.” These east coast tech wizards are debuting their first album on mothership this June.

—- Where did you guys meet and how did this project all get started?

JAMES::We met on a forum with musically like-minded folk years ago, and eventually began trading files back and forth to collaborate. I think the first thing we did was a ridiculously bass heavy grimey track. I’m not sure what happened to that, but I think I might laugh if I heard it today.

TANNER::To make a long story short… I stumbled upon a great producer named KiloWatts ( James ) and I contacted him just to say I really enjoyed his music and we built a friendship from there. When I was 20 I felt comfortable enough with my production skill to ask him if he wanted to collaborate on some music for fun. Fast forward 6 years and we put out a track on dirtybird called “Kruger Fingers”. This release is essentially what started the ” Voodeux ” sound. Fast forward a few more years and Mothership was born and we switched rosters and started fresh as Voodeux.

—- How did you come up with the name, Voodeux?

JAMES:: Our sound is focused on the eerie, dark and mysterious. We toyed around with a few names to suit that vibe, but settled on the idea of ‘voodoo’, a religion often based on the belief in mischevious spirits that interact with human affairs. We’re into unexplained paranormal phenomena, and hypnotic trippy techno can often bring about such things in the minds of listeners. So, we changed the spelling a bit, to suit the ‘two’ of us, and Voodeux was born.

TANNER:: We finished “The Curse” (on mothership) and we were trying to come up with a name for our new project. At the time I was watching this crazy ass video of Screaming Jay Hawkins doing “I Put A Spell On You” and he was dressed up in this wild Voodoo type costume and I thought… “THATS IT! VOODOO!”. I searched to see if there was already an artist named that and there was so I was trying to figure out how I could switch it up and have it still sound like Voodoo and I came up with Voodeux…

—- James, you already have an extensive production background with lots of releases under various aliases. Can you tell us about some of the things you have done in the past?

JAMES:: All of my solo material is done under the name KiloWatts, and collaborations usually take another name. Most recently Bil Bless and I have combined forces to create Skeetaz, and I’ve recently finished an album with MC Amagine out of Philly under the name Super Galactic Expansive, which ended up to be some kind of futuristic mind-warping digital hip-hop. For my solo releases, I’m following some sort of evolving path, making whatever seems natural to come next. Most recently is a nearly all-ambient album on Somnia Records.

—- Tanner, you are graduating from music school this summer. Can you tell us a little about the school, what you studied and how it effects your productions?

TANNER:: I study Berklee College of Music in Boston. Basically I study synthesis and sound design through applications like Logic, Prootools, Peak, C-sound, and modular stuff like the Nord G2 and Reaktor.

—- I know you guys produce together over the internet. How does that work?

JAMES:: It’s fairly easy because we can work on stuff without having to coordinate schedules. Tanner usually heads things off with the beats for continuity’s sake, and I’ll start with a bassline or a few loops. Back and forth we go, usually 2 or 3 times, and it’s done. It’s gotten quicker now that we understand each other’s production values and techniques. It’s easy to just roll with it now.

TANNER:: We basically create a project file and pass it back and forth via dropbox or servers until its done.

—- What can we expect form your new live show?

JAMES:: Violence!@

TANNER:: Well the album is very complex and almost song based so for the live show we are going to basically kinda.. make it a bit more underground and stripped down but try to keep some of the more complex elements in there as long as we can do it live.

—- The album is really creepy and moody, almost like a slasher film. Where did this sound come from?

JAMES:: On my end, the sound came from nightmares and bad trips. But there’s also a deeper hypnotic vibe I was trying to tap into that doesn’t necessarily always resonate with ’scary shit’.

TANNER:: Listening to a lot of Wagon Repair, Pokerflat, Nine Inch Nails, and Minilogue records while watching a lot of “Tales From The Darkside” plus David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock films.

—- What do you think about the state of American techno?

JAMES:: There’s a lot of great music coming out of America. People who are paying attention realize this, even if it seems like everything’s coming out of Germany.

TANNER:: Thats a tough question… there are the American staples that are always contributing to building and keeping the scene fresh in America but labels like Mothership, Wolf + Lamb, Airdrop, Culprit, FXHE and Spectral Sound, which aren’t purely techno label but they are pushing the sound to the next level giving America a brand new super fresh reputation.


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