Monome alternative: PICnome is open-souce D.I.Y. project

April 30, 2009 § Leave a comment


PICnome is just what I have been waiting for. The do-it-yourself version of the highly-popular midi/music interface Monome comes from Japan’s Shunichi Yamamoto and seems to be a very high-quality piece of gear. It’s based on the Monome’s open-source hardware which is very hard to acquire. I have been on the waiting list for months and it’s constantly sold out.. so PICnome comes as a pleasnt surprise to many DIY music enthusiasts.

From Shunichi Yamamoto’s blog: “The schematic, layout, firmware of the PICnome and the source code and the package for Mac OS X are published based on GNU General Public License Ver3. Atmel AVR is used monome. But the Microchip PIC is more popular than AVR in Japan. Also, there are a lot of reference for PIC. And so, I started to development of monome PIC version because I want to make an interesting device such as monome pervasive to Japanese electronics DIY hobbyist and mania.”

Check out the specs and order a kit HERE
Check out Shunichi Yamamoto’s blog HERE


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