FREE Kid 606 Mix! Download "European Barbarians Get Down" Dj Mix

April 24, 2009 § Leave a comment


Download: Kid 606 – European Barbarians Get Down Mix

1. Sunroof!-Ornamental lake of death (wings over america)
2. SND-15-ATAVISM (Raster-noton)
3. SND-4-ATAVISM  (Raster-noton)
4. Laurent Garnier-the Hoe (old school mix) [F-communique]
5. Kid606-Samhain California (Obi Blanche remix) [Tigerbass]
6. PJ Pooterhoots-Yayoi3 Freakout mix
7. DJ Flint-Bang and skeet  [Dancemania] i owe some people money 12″
8. DJ P.O.L. Style-Vampire killah
9. LE K-Destiny (STDJ’s Tapedick remix)
10. Congorock-Runark [Fool’s gold]
11. Hakan Libdo-Yellow Fever/Genuine Guy remix  [Tigerbass]
12. Little Boots-New in town/Drop the Lime dub mix
13. Audio Bullies/Rusko/Baby Assasins-Hyphy ill (TheSixMillionDollarKid edit)
14. Underworld-Boy boy boy /Switch remix
15. Ben Pest-Tiny beginnings [bonus round]
16. Les Gillettes-Send in the clowns/Missy Elliot-Lose control
(..TheSixMillionDollarKid edit)
17. Lithops-Rosa in a light speed vessel [Thrill Jockey]
18. Romanthony-Never fuck / Congo rock remix
19. Curses-Moss Man [institubes]
20. Blackfinger-UMF (Supra 1 Remix)  [Trouble and bass]
21. Doshy-Beatplug [Tigerbass]
22. Surkin-Kid Gloves/Bobmo Remix [institubes]
23. Caz Clay ft. Da Backwudz-Hey DJ
24. Bart Bmore-Bingo players get up/diplo remix [Mad Decent]
25. Diplo-Blow your head [Mad Decent]
26. DJ Manaia-Pull Up  (OTB010)
27. The Rogue Element-Hive/Rafferties S.W.A.R.M. remix
28. Tayo/Timbaland/Keri Hilson-March of the soundboys/Way i are
(TheSixMillionDollarKid edit)
29. Kid606-Dancehall of the dead /blnd! speed garage remix [tigerbeat6]
30. Jack Beats-What /Foamo remix
31. Bombaman-Episode [electrostimulation]
32. Egyptrixx-Ceramic [electrostimulation]
33. Dead Prez-Hip hop /The Squire of Gothos bassline warfare remix
34. Kid606-We call it life [demo]
35. Benjamin Theves-Texas /Sebastian remix


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