Teenage Engineering – OP-1 revealed at Frankfurt 09

April 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

Beautiful new video of Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 synth/sampler/sequencer/portable midi controller from Frankfurt 09. We have been watching the updates on Teenage Engineering’s website and were psyched to find this update today! Bad ass little machine – take a look!

No sound from the brilliant little machine in this video but some cool details from the creators (who seem humble and cool and obviously have some tricks up their sleeve for the beta release.) Some details pulled from Create Digital Music:

  • Swedish All Stars: The team includes veterans of Elektron, the ACNE design firm that worked on MachineDrum and MonoMachine packaging and UI, and Johan of LSDJ fame.
  • Casio love: The inspiration is, not surprisingly, hardware like the Casio VL-1.
  • Pricing: It’s unofficially expected to be “under the 1000 Euros mark.” Note that the target price is EUR600, which is pretty far under EUR1000. Anywhere near that, and it’s a steal.
  • Production: They do plan to put this into production. (I believe that, despite my awesomeness vs. shippingness graph – I’d love for them to be the exception.)
  • The “mystery” sequencer: It sounds as though it won’t have a tracker as a sequencer, but may bring other “Swedish surprises” as Nostromo puts it.

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