VESTAX ups the ante for Digital DJing with the VCM-100 Portable Mixing Workstation – USB MIDI and Audio Controller

March 23, 2009 § 2 Comments

vcm100_45-1 vcm100_table

Part three in an exploration of technological advances with audio/midi controllers

DAMN that’s sexy. Finally someone (Vestax) has designed a laptop/dj interface that is designed like traditional gear (pitch adjustment, big volume knobs, eq, crossfader), but also works as a midi conroller, holds your laptop, and runs audio. Comes bundled with Traktor3 (not bad) and integrates directly with Traktor. All for about four hundred bucks. Say What!? Yes I want one too.. well it’s sexy.. but let’s investigate.

The integration of audio dj mixer and midi controllers has come a long way (with Allen and Heath still running the game in the pro spectrum.) This step in the evolution is quite appealing – an all-in-one, hands-on tool for pitch control, crossfade, and dj performance. The downside? Looks like it’s 2 in 2 out, traditional dj setup with standard RCA jacks for output. (No 1/4 inch?) Makes me wonder about the sound quality although Vestax is known for good sound in their mixers (depending on which series you buy.) You can re-assign midi on this sucker and although it doesn’t have many channels to work with the setup is really nice. But the question comes down to – how many tracks/knobs/buttons do you want to drive at once? Personally I want more. The more the better.  For these reasons I might consider the OHM64 or the APC40. Great looks on this Vestax piece, I can’t wait to get my hands on one for a test-drive. (If you have had experience with these please drop me a comment!)

Specs and info from Vestax:

The VCM-100 is a compact USB MIDI & audio system, designed with Vestax’s mechatronics technology developed in the past 30 years. Despite its compact size, the VCM-100 comes with 4in4out(Stereo x 2 in/out)connection, headphone output and high quality mechanical parts placed in the control section.

  • 60 parameters of various software are assignable to the VCM-100’s control section via USB MIDI IN/OUT.
  • The DATA SEND LED provides clear visual of the current status to assist in an authentic play mode in real time.
  • Monaural 4 in/ Stero 2 out (Master out L.R, Monitor/Booth out L.R), Headphone output. The VMC-100 provides a high definition sound, thanks to the audio codec IC designed with a built-in hardware sample rate converter, delta-sigma conversion 20bit stereo D/A converter and 18bit stereo A/D converter.
  • Support for ASIO 2.0, CoreAudio and MME / WDM, MAYA44 USB is compatible to all major music and DJ and DAW applications.
  • ESI(Ego systems Inc) designed ASIO driver apllied for its proven high reliablity.DAW application software and DJ application software work with the driver at a valiant low latency rate and high performance. (Windows will identify the VCM-100 as a 2in2out USB audio device when using the standard Windows WDM driver. Use the ASIO driver when using multi input/output with DTM application software. )
  • The VCM-100 provides simple plug & play features working with Apple and Windows computers.
  • The power source is selectable from USB bus-power and the exclusive power adaptor(not included). (For best performance and stable operation, please use the power adaptor if the computer’s power capacity is low or if using a USB hub)
  • There are no issues if you don’t have any software to operate. TRAKTOR LE (Native Instrument Inc.) is bundled to the VCM-100 with exclusive control assignment files.
  • Compatible with all software that allows MIDI control assignment. 3 versions of firmware can be selected to have the best match with the software. Each software’s samples of MIDI control assignment files will be available at soon.
  • The compact metal body is thin but highly durable, and convenient for transportation


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§ 2 Responses to VESTAX ups the ante for Digital DJing with the VCM-100 Portable Mixing Workstation – USB MIDI and Audio Controller

  • alderwho says:

    This is tight! As in, great for spinning tunes from the back seat or the random living room. No offense to Traktor (it’s good software and I envy their commitment to an open protocol like MIDI) but what about all the Serato users! (..maybe in a future firmware)

  • Nic says:

    I’d be interested to know how it handles too. Just another pretty design, or solid production capabilities as well? Sometimes it’s hard to get both.

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