iPhone Cut and Paste, Horizontal Keyboard (for mail) & MMS to arrive on iPhone OS 3.0 this summer!

March 18, 2009 § Leave a comment


Well it’s ABOUT TIME! I wonder if Jobs called off the MacWorld expo because he KNEW they would be met with sneers instead of cheers when they made this announcement. Don’t get me wrong – I own an iPhone and have been waiting 2 years for these features.. and it does look like an impressive upgrade that MIGHT make me love my iPhone. But lack of Cut and Paste alone has had many of us complaining about the device since day one. In a sneaky move apple has posted a Beta version of the 3.0 os for developers to work with while apple prepares for release to the general public on March 17. Along with the announcement came news that MMS messaging, Cut and Paste as well as horizontal keyboard for mail mode will all be included in this update. WOO! Thank the flying spaghetti monster. Or some developers who finally listened to the buying public (I was about to get a freakin blackberry if they didn’t change these things.) On the back-end of the upgrade is overhauled support for third-party apps as well as battery life improvements for the iPhone. Beta OS and information for developers can be found HERE while the Apple Press Release for the rest of us is HERE. If anyone has had luck upgrading to OS3 please let me know! It’s availble for download on the Apple developer site as well as numerous bit-torrent sites. Very eager to know how well it works.


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