Great read on DJ KOZE (Kompakt, Germany) from FACT Magazine – John Stanier, Matt Dear, Sascha Funke, Ripperton, and Lawrence interviewed

March 18, 2009 § Leave a comment


What a brilliant concept for an interview! Everyone is geeking on DJ Koze right now after his 2008 remix conquest (which resulted in some of the year’s most interesting 12 minute journeys into sound.) FACT Magazine in the UK put together a very interesting piece on KOZE by interviewing people who have hired the man to remix their tracks! Guests interviewed include Sascha Funke, Ben Watt, Matt Dear, and Lawrence.. but the kicker was John Stanier of Helmet / Battles. Except below, read the full article HERE

From FACT Magazine UK:

John Stanier (Helmet, Battles – remixed on ‘Atlas’)

Why did you ask Koze to remix your record?

“The whole story behind Atlas came from me living in Cologne and bringing back records to NYC to play for the rest of the guys.  Everyone was really into the “shuffle” beats or the “sound of Cologne” and we wanted to do our version of that. I also thought it was cool that it’s basically techno guys being influenced by old rock, which in turn influenced us.

“So right off the bat it was pretty obvious that we wanted someone from Kompakt to remix the song, so a friend of a friend put me in touch with Koze and we took it from there… Too bad he’s from Hamburg or it would’ve been perfect.”

Which of his remixes is your favourite?

“There’s a Sasha Funke remix that he did that brings my brain to a complete halt… It’s like a bad acid trip that goes on and on for eternity.”

If anyone – who would you have remix one of your tracks?

“Far too many to mention… I don’t know, Stevie Wonder?”

Which track have you always wanted to remix?

John Fogerty – ‘Centerfield’!

Have you ever done a remix and thought it was better than the original?

“We haven’t really done that many remixes, and if I were to answer that question it would probably make the original person mad [laughs]”

Are there any remixes you’re ashamed of?

“There’s an early remix that we did where I couldn’t figure out how to make the drums in stereo… It turned out okay though.”

What’s the longest and shortest amount of time you’ve spent on a remix?

“Longest, probably a couple of weeks. Shortest… There, I just did one in my head. Does that count?”


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