Nathan Fake – Hard Islands EP (Border Community)

March 17, 2009 § Leave a comment


Gotta love Border Community who in a very short time have amassed a legion of fans who range from afx-freaks to trance nuts to plain and simple nutters like myself. Why are we so dedicated? For releases like this one. ALL OVER THE PLACE AND AMAZING! It’s deep, it’s acid, it’s partytime, it’s contemplative, it’s weird, it’s fun.. and then it does something else totally different.. all in the course of 6 tracks. Fucking RAD!

With a street date of 3/17/2009, I will be dropping some hard-earned clams on the 12″ release tomorrow. You should too – there’s beautiful music inside.

Nathan Fake -‘Hard Islands’ Sampler
1. Nathan Fake – The Turtle (6:18)
2. Nathan Fake – Basic Mountain (6:13)
3. Nathan Fake – Castle Rising (8:57)
4. Nathan Fake – The Curlew (1:15)
5. Nathan Fake – Narrier (3:32)
6. Nathan Fake – Fentiger (6:46)

Nathan Fake is set to release his new album ‘Hard Islands’ on May 18th.


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