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OKAY! So I finally got around to launching this sucker and have been hot on creating content. SOON TO COME!!! Podcast (dj mixes by myself and friends, info, remixes, etc.) Reviews, news, interviews, bullshit and blah blah. But first –  I owe some shout outs to my friends and influences.. so here goes!

TNL – Techno Nerd List – Began in 2001 by a group of friends in Boston as a result of collaboration of a Michael Mayer / Kompakt show at the Phoenix Landing. What began as a rambling of excitement about techno and trading DJ mixes has turned out to me (for me) a fantastic inspiration for new music, new ideas, great dj mixes, and discerning discussion of music. Thank you TNL for all the knowledge, feedback and community!

Caitlin, Mark, Alex and Evan – my musical musketeers, WMC party-partners, dj-mix critics, family and best friends. They are the inspiration for the podcast and my inspiration to keep making music. Respect!

Markus Mehta / Electronic Soul -A brilliant DJ and Producer. My homeboy, my agent, my inspiration, and gives me a good kick in the ass when I get lazy

Randy Deshaies, Sergio Santos / Marz Entertainment
– my homeboys, collaborators, inspiration, house-music encyclopedias and home-team

BG Blac / Money First Entertainment – My right hand man in the studio. Skilled producer drummer and musician.

Thanks in no particular order to friends who have influenced me in music throughout the years and around the world: SoulClap, Jake Alderwood, Kelly Gerrish, DJ Melee, Charlie Woods, DJ Freestyle, Lil Mark, Dj Josh Ivy, Blackbridge, Zac Kush, Gary Alexander, Kellie Alexander, Vaughan Lazar, Nick Mazzoli, Elayne Burke, Timmy-T, Jayson Tennyant, HSPTL Club Russia, Vlad and Roma, Thom 26th Century Soul, Khabarovsk, Markus Mehta, Brett Johnson, Trodon, Matt Sordillo, Brynmore Williams, Ryan Obie Obermiller, Fred Gianelli, Dj Sabo, Dj Endo, Dj Stryke, Ramon Crespo, Alison Tara, Kendra Borowski, Bryan Kasenic, Jon Schmidt, Joe Maceachrn, Jamie Odell, Mark Farina, Dj Teep, Benny Blanco, Tom Meade,  Mike Russo, Niesha Daswani Russo, Blake Whitely, Jack Dangers, Stuart Siegel, The Deepfix Crew, Claire Kenway, Traci Goodrich, Tom Lee, Daryl Tenaglia, Jen Popgirl23 Barnes, Chris Barnes, Mo7s, Marilyn Manson, DJ C, DJ Rupture, Jackmaster, Dre$$ 2 $weat, Iain Funky Transport, Tanner Ross, alexis perplexis, applehardkore, Redbull, Royal Caribbean Cruiselines, Battle Medialab, Redlight Productions,  Russia, Portugal, Spain, Berlin, Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax, Miami, Boston, NYC, Detroit, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris.. More to come I know this list will keep growing! :-)


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